Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Around the house

Good title for post :) Just ... I have no idea what I should write :)

Weather is sooo English theme :)
And weather is.. we can say very hard to predict - forecast was talking about torrential downpour for yesterday - we have none, not even one drop of water, sunny... hmmm not exactly, humid - yes.

Two weeks ago we fought with ants - nasty little creatures - coming to the house without invitation :(
Success! We rid of them :) Cleaning everything possible outside with lemon kick them away :)

We sow dwarf bean seeds in the garden - nothing show up - 2 weeks already... We sow some more with Dom today - fingers crossed will be better this time :)

Our watermelons needed a bit of split up :) so I split them :)

I'm curious where I should plant them - I'm sure they should be in the garden, the problem is they need good soil and full Sun... my garden is south side so if is nice day we have lots of Sun, unfortunately soil in our garden is very poor.... Hmmm... Need to find the solution for it.

From crafty things: I was practicing with aluminium wire I found in my stash and made this:

More about it you can find on my other blog :)

With some chill out time I back to being a bookworm :) and 'eating' books again ;)
What I read since last week:

Agatha Christie:
Halloween Party
Taken at the flood

Donna Leon:
Death at La Fenice

Ewa Bialolecka:
Tkacz Iluzji
 - in English title will be 'Weaver of Illusion' if I'm not wrong, but I didn't found English translation of this book.

At the moment I'm reading 'A Venetian Reckoning' by Donna Leon - I like her books a lot :)

I also checked few new cooking recipes and looks like some of them stay with us for longer. Will add them to my blog next time I'll be cooking them :)


  1. You are always so busy Monika, how do you find the time to blog?

  2. Hi, hi, I'm not half as busy as you think Judy :)