Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Edinburgh and food

We back from Edinburgh yesterday late afternoon.

View from Edinburgh Castle

It is good to be back home :)

We like Edinburgh! And Dom likes it too :)

Our Edinburgh trip contains few 'first times' for our boy:
* first time in proper train
* first time in hotel
* first time the ZOO
* first time in Botanic Gardens.

We also were in Edinburgh Castle and Dom was sitting on the biggest gun in there :) and we saw amazing paintings in Scottish National Gallery - Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Monet  included.

Big fact is, you cannot walk and see lots of places when your tummy is empty. We couldn't find Indian restaurant we checked few years ago - simply didn't remember where it is situated, but we had our noses, so... we found few places with nice food.

First place we found was Hanam's - just step from Royal Mile - Kurdish and Middle Eastern food - very nice food, friendly staff, but you need to book a table, cause they are very busy place.

I can say that our second foodie place we found accidentally :) Nova Pizza - hidden on Hove Street - bit away from noisiness of Princess Street. Cute restaurant/pizzeria. Great place for vegans and vegetarians, as no meat is found on their pizzas, but... great also for meat-eaters with choice of veg meat pizzas - we check it ( hmmmm yummy!). Novelty for us plus info for foodies allergic to tomato sauce they have white pizzas in offer! You can also create your own pizza from their toppings too :)
Big plus of this place is also very nice and helpful staff. We will back there :)

Other place we eat from was Saigon Saigon - chinese restaurant situated on S St Andrew St, just few steps from Princess Street. Place full of customers non-stop from opening to closing. Nice choice of food from menu cards, also buffet and take-away option. To be honest with you - we love Chinese food - but we checked dim sum first time in our lives :) Sure place for food for us when we go to Edinburgh next time :)

Nice place for late breakfast or early lunch is The Pantry - situated on N W Circus Place. Great for families with children - kids menu and playing area for little ones included. We had yummy and filling brunch there with very tasty fruit/veg cold pressed juice (check: Purple :). So another stop point for us when we go to Edinburgh next time :)

Enough writing about food for now, cause that makes me hungry ;)

Hope you'll have a chance to check these and other foodie places in Edinburgh by yourself soon!


  1. Sounds like you found some great places to eat on your trip!!

  2. Oh yum! I love finding new restaurants!

  3. We'll back to these places when we go next time to Edinburgh :)

  4. Great new post, Monika! We were in Edinburgh in 1979, and I recognize some of the street names you mentioned, but I don't think any of these restaurants existed back then.

  5. Possibly they didn't Matthew, but they are on Edinburgh food map currently :) And they are good :)