Monday, 27 June 2016

Edinburgh - places and things we saw... Part 2

Our Monday in Edinburgh was planned (partially)- we had tickets and panda visit booked :)

So we catch Lothian Bus no 26 and we went to the ZOO...

Weather wasn't great, sun was fighting with rain most of the morning... but at least wasn't too warm :)

We were in ZOO rather early, so we didn't saw too many animal first, but all that changed with passing time. And we realized that is nothing funny in my man's friend info that we will need hiking shoes for this part of our visit in Edinburgh... Walking around the Zoo was like hiking around the high hills :)
Dom was exited, running wild, happy every time he spotted animal before we did it :)

We saw lots of birds

and meerkats

lots of kinds of monkeys, Dom had a little conversation with baboons :)




Of course we saw both giant pandas, unfortunately pics are too blurry :(

After ZOO we make our way to Old Town to go for Edinburgh Castle. Dom checked every single gun on castle keep :) 

and was very interested in bagpipes

Tuesday was our last day in Scotland so we decided to go to Scottish National Gallery.

What I can say... just lots of amazing paintings and sculptures. Dom was interested in paintings with animals and ships and sculptures. We were just breathing atmosphere and enjoy masterpieces on the walls. So many big names in one place can be overwhelming :) Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Rafael, Dahl, Botticelli... and many, many more. We didn't saw everything, cause Dom decided he has enough, but I can say that is very possible we saw about 3/4 of everything what is in there - we will go there again for sure.


  1. Great photo's Monika they would make great greeting cards!!!

  2. I know Theresa :) Problem is I don't have a printer hihihihihi!!!!

  3. Wonderful post, Monika -- now I want to visit Scotland too! :)

  4. Thank you Virginia! And ... if you find a time - fly over the pond :) Is lots of nice places to visit here :)