Saturday, 4 June 2016

Week with Dom

Whole week at home with 4yo with chickenpox can be tricky, you cannot go with him for walk to town or for shopping, keeping him inside finishing with 'moods'.

We are lucky to have a garden, but how to play there when is windy, drizzly and cold? Try to explain that to your toddler...

Dom is Lego mad, but also crafty kid, so I decided to deal with his homework ;) Took out some paper, pencils and paints.

Dom's worm

and butterfly

We had lots of fun with these ladybirds :)

Nice spiders don't you think? You should saw my arms - Dom decided also paint on me, cause that funny :)

The other day Dom wanted to play with stamps, he was choosing which stamp I should use and where - we coloured it later, I think I use it for nice card :)

The weather changed a bit during the week so Dom had some time in the garden, riding his scooter and looking for bugs :) He also build lots from Lego:

Firefighters boat?

One of the castles we build together in living room - just before it was destroyed by Dom with huge laugh :)

I catch a bit of time and play creative too :)

Practising basics of wire wrapping :)

Lapis lazuli and seed beads :) Nice, short statement necklace :)

We also watched bit of teli - Mr Maker program - thanks to that I have idea for our next crafty time :)

That's all for today peeps ;) Have a great weekend!


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