Friday, 3 June 2016

Meet Amanda

I didn't write here for a while.... Sorry for that. I was busy with my new project - I finally decided properly learn to make wired jewellery - you can follow my learning process on

Time to back to some writing tho :)

Today I want you to meet Amanda. She's from Michigan, USA and she's selling cute hair accessories in her etsy shop:

She was very minimalistic when writing about herself on her Etsy profile :) All she wrote there is:

I'm just another coffee addicted crafty mom. 

:) Brilliant quote don't you think?

If you want to know more about Amanda and how she started her business, check her About story here:

Amanda is Etsy seller since 2011 and have great stats :), but with her cute creations I'm not surprised :)

She's selling hair bows for lots of occasions, eg. for Valentines, Christmas, Halloween, but also cute bows with animals, sports etc.

Some of my faves from her shop (shame I have short hair and no daughter :)) :

Amanda's busy girl now, expecting a baby girl and moving a house. She's a nice girl, friendly and chatty. Great member of Handmade Movement Team who participate our Sneak Attacks in every possible way (hosting them, faving new shops and products etc.).

If you like examples of her products and you have a little girl in family you want to give her something nice just pop in to Amanda's shop:

That's all for today my friends!


  1. Nice write up of a very well deserving Etsian!! Amanda is super busy but always makes time for others!

  2. Great article, Monika! Amanda's bows are all beautiful -- you've chosen a good selection to show off here!

  3. Thanks so much Monika!! I appreciate it! :)