Sunday, 26 June 2016

Edinburgh - places and things we saw... Part 1

We spent just few days in Edinburgh and because of Dom we didn't want to force sightseeing too much. That not means we saw nothing :)

We found :

Writers' Museum hidden near Royal Mile. Great place for bookworms I think :)

We'll back to make this tour when Dom will be older, cause looks very interesting.

In our way to Royal Botanic Gardens we spot him

He just landed in the river when we were walking over the bridge :)

Botanic Gardens are really something! Huge area with lots of plants, bushes and trees, we saw a lot, but we are pretty sure we didn't saw everything. 

Lush green trees

Navy blue irises :)

Chinese hills

More blue :)

Shades of green :)

Interesting tree -shame we couldn't see it blooming...

White orchids. We saw few more species :) All of them beautiful.

In one of the glass houses rooms.

Glass houses catch Dom's eye, he was checking all inside, he found pond with fishes, was counting frog sculptures in desert plants room, and was very interested in the oldest tree fossil which we found in the front of glass houses. We spent there few hours and back with lots of photos :)

I don't want to overload you with pics from just one place, so next time I'll show you what more we had a chance to see ;)


  1. What a wonderful trip Monika, looks like there was lots to see and enjoy!

  2. Yes Theresa, that was beautiful trip, still have lots to write about it or more accurately to show on pics :)