Saturday, 21 May 2016

Day without net

'More then 24 hours without net - lovely...

Irony my dear friends, just pure irony... Why irony?


Around midday yesterday when checking my etsy shop I lost net connection, bit surprised first, thought - router? what the...! Check it and another surprise - router's fine, just net gone... connection back few minutes later for maybe a minute or two... believe me I was happy I'm alone at home. Connection back and gone for good... We tried again on the evening, connection still unstable - totally, just had enough time to find out I had a sale, but had no chance to write down buyers address - net was gone again.

Today morning - net still unstable - this time I just wrote buyers details with no checking anything else, net gone again.
So I had no other choice then call my net provider - talked with nice technician girl, she made some checks and other magic and net was back, but I'm not dealing with online stuff when my son is at home, cause I prefer spend this time with him, reading and playing or just going for walk. I back online after midday ( Dom at nursery), after 20 minutes net was gone, so I called net provider again, talked with another nice technician girl - this one made some checks, asked me to do some stuff on my side, she made something on hers, then we checked how all this work.

Worked :) And still working :)

Fingers crossed for long time' - and that was all what I managed to write yesterday before I lost net connection again...

Net back sometime later for about 40-50 minutes - my man watched some documentary on YouTube and then gone again.

I switched router and laptop on today morning - result: no net connection.

We decided - we'll deal with it later.

Then had some breakfast, wrote down our weekly meal plan, shopping list and went out. We had nice walk with sunny weather. After returning home, we drank coffee, ate bit of cake, helped Dom with his new Lego racing car and then called net provider.

Result: net back :)


We were told to monitor situation for 7-10 days and if connection drop down call them back...


Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us, I'm tired of calling them again and again :)

If you had similar experience with your net connection, please tell about it in comment.


  1. Monika, I sympathize... fingers crossed that you have net access back to normal!

  2. Monika hope your connection stays stable!!