Friday, 6 May 2016


Good question :) Minimalistic I can say :)

Since last time I was writing about our messy garden some time passed. We had grey and rainy last week of April and few nice days this week.

Result: More weeds in some places - specially dandelions :), more leaves here and there plus few nice additions :)

Dom tried to have nice bean - homework from nursery - unfortunately no success... we tried twice...

But one day after eating watermelon, we decided to put few seeds into pot with compost - result:

The other day we were with Dom in Plants Nursery and back home with two new plants for our garden.
Dom's little bushy plant blooming nicely in yellow:

I'm curious how big this cutie will be :)

Still waiting for my tulips blooming...

Here another cute flowers - waiting for more pinky 'heads' :)

More pinky-purple flowers :)

For sure we can expect lots of strawberries again - they are spreading all over :) You can find one strong, blooming bush near front gate of our next door neighbours - I'm suspecting ants in work, cause our front gates are on the other side of the house :)


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