Friday, 13 May 2016

Meet Karine

Today I want you to meet Karine, owner of, captain of Artisans Canada team on Etsy.

Karine is originally from Quebec, living now in British Columbia - beautiful western Canadian province. She's jewellery maker.

What she wrote about herself on her Etsy profile? Here you go:

'Young woman in the early thirties (...) La Joie En Rose was born of the desire to take my professional life in my hands after many moving and share my passion for art and beauty through the joy of creating. (...)'

Want to know more? Go:

You can find lots of different items in Karine's shop, eg. creams, jewellery or children teethers and other accessories for parents.

My faves:

Karine is Etsy seller since 2015, she's very active team captain and friendly person who trying her best to help team members with their sales :) 
If you want to know what else you can find in her shop, just pop in there and check, maybe you'll find something you'll love to have :)


  1. Ohhh Monika! I am so touched by your post!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart! :D You made my day! xxx

  2. Sometime ago I mentioned Genevieve in other post (, so this time I wrote about you Karine :)

  3. Great post Monika, I love that bracelet!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much MsBittyKnacks!! :D

  5. Wonderful post, Monika, and to Karine who I did not previously know of, beautiful items and I wish you great success on Etsy!