Thursday, 26 May 2016

Dom, homework and chickenpox

My little cutie catch nasty cold few days ago and coughing, sneezing etc, mostly late afternoons and nighttime. Last night he decided he need a cuddle and he came to our bed :) I was surprised to see him today morning 'glued' to his Daddy :)

He woke up in nice mood... fact, wasn't happy when Daddy was leaving house for work...

We played some lego blocks, drank some tea and start to deal with Dom's homework 'Minibeast Home Learning Challenge'.

Dom likes 'Incy Wincy Spider' rhyme, but we both need more practice with words and gestures :)

We have no chance to see Ladybirds outside cause weather is not good, so we used my butterflies dies to make a colourful meadow.

Look at him - he knows what he's doing :)

Take them out from dies :)

Bit of glueing :) Then extra colour added :)

Our 'Butterflies on the meadow' finished :)

Then we were in the town, little shopping with frog cookie for Dom :), cheat chat with our fave computer man and we back home. 
Just then I realised Dom scratching his head - badly, plus has few spots here and there - not lots and not massive, but blistery, so I checked net, then consulted with our GP practice and called Dom's school. 
He's catching nap now. Midterm at home ahead us unfortunately, but better to have chickenpox when you 4 then eg. 16 or 28 :)

That's all for today my friends :)


  1. Hope he gets well soon and yes early is better then later.

  2. Most of his spots are under his clothes and between his hair, so he looks kind of ok :) Fingers crossed he'll not loose whole his midterm break :)