Saturday, 14 May 2016


When I was a teen I wanted to have good camera - Nikon or Pentax.
Still don't have any of those :), but I think camera I use at the moment is ok :)
Hope one day I will have my dream camera tho ;)

I wanted to be a photographer or photo reporter - finished working as office worker/admin. Then was doing lots of other things, making courses, again landed in office :) but after maternity I stayed at home - costs of nursery for our boy was to high...

So now I'm full time Mum and crafter with online shop (self-employed :)).

Still taking photos, some good, some not, some even tragic to be honest - these not staying with me for long :) THANK YOU camera producers for 'delete' option :)

I tried some digital manipulation programs and had lots of fun with them (Picasa and Photoshop, bit of Gimp).

Photoshop - Autumn trees

Photoshop - Colourful leaves

Photoshop - Nettle

This one is just nature - catch these beauties on one of our trips :)

Spring in park in 2005

Some kind of festival in September 2006 in Newcastle upon Tyne

Grey squirrel - Peak District if I'm not wrong :)

Holy Island, Northumberland, Lindisfarne Priory - Autumn 2007 - memorable place for us - typical English weather :), but we had great fun and became English Heritage members there.

My little sunshine in black and white - 2012.

Fact, at the moment Dom is my main pic object, but how I supposed do not take his photos???