Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Total bookworm :)

I decided it is time to write about my first kiddy love - books :)

I'm reading since I learned how to do it :) Plus my childhood passion was one of the things my parents always share with me - they both are book lovers :)

Thanks to my Dad I read Charles May, Jack London, James F. Cooper, Alfred Szklarski, thanks to Mum: Alexander Dumas, Agatha Christie, Joe Alex etc.

When I was rather late teen I discovered Lucy M. Montgomery, Danielle Steel, Stephen King, some time later I fall in love with Garcia Marquez and William Wharton, found David Gemmel, David Eddings, Andrzej Sapkowski.

When I left home and moved to England things I missed the most were books, I have none with me, and my English wasn't good enough to read books in English.
I had just one option that time - learn :) And books helped me with it :) I could read Shakespeare in original!!! That was something :)

Now I'm reading in both languages :)

One of our book shelves - packed in 2 rows of books each:

I think we need more shelves for books :)

Finished this one yesterday - great writing style, brill story - hope will find other books of this author :)

Today I back to Mr Knight - Crowner John Mystery is nice serie for anyone who likes criminal with historical twist :)


  1. The James Becker book sounds really good! And someone definitely sounds in need of some more shelves if those ones are overflowing like that!

  2. I have books all over :) Good thing is lots of them comes from library now ;)