Wednesday, 11 May 2016

May - door to Summer?

Finally I can say we have nice Spring :)

Fact, from time to time weather is playing with us and we have chilly winds or even unexpected hailstones like on end of April... but now is warmy and sunny and greeny :)

May for me is also month with birthdays and namesdays :) First my Dad and me with our namesdays, then Dom and my Mum with birthdays :) Plus bank holidays :)

Dom's officially 4 now :)

Last weekend we used for dealing with weeds in our garden, still some left, but looks much better and we have space prepared for our French beans now :)

Look at these bluebells :)

Dom's apple tree is blooming too :)

I was in mood for crafting and made few children bracelets with frosted beads.

Purple here, but I also made pink, yellow, green, orange and mix of yellow-orange-red which some nice gentleman from Belgium won in my Twitter giveaway for his niece.

These yellow pair above I made yesterday and one of my friend said they look like piece of fishing rod - cheeky man :)

On Twitter I met nice girl who also is making jewellery and this year opened shop on Etsy. Fran making macrame jewellery and she has amazing pieces in her shop, eg below

Maybe one day I learn how to make something so beautiful :)