Saturday, 7 May 2016

Social media

Hmmm, social media... Not easy theme to write about.

People are using so many platforms for socialising these days...

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and many, many more...

In today's world almost no businesses left with no social media on board. Globalization?

Sometimes I feel strange to have no other choice then online shopping, but from other side I am online seller myself... XXI century :) Computers and net almost everywhere :)

Few years ago I thought: 'No, I don't need all that stuff', today I just have it for my business - want it or not :)

So... have this blog - also kind of social media :), Pinterest:, FB page: and Twitter:

All of these media need nice pics, so I'm trying improve my photo taking skills :) Catching:

Nature - isn't he cute?

Tourist attractions - Warkworth Castle

My son - here exploring Whitehouse Farm

My creations - on pebbles in the front of our house :)

I still have lots to learn about taking good pics and dealing with digital improving programs and hope one day I'll be at least confident with needed stuff :)

By the way I made few elastic children bracelets and decided to organize little #giveaway on Twitter, so if you are interested, go:


  1. That hedgehog is adorable! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Agree adorable, but few seconds after I took a photo this poor thing was surrounded by kids... Parents had to explained them that they are frightening him.