Monday, 9 May 2016

Meet Theresa

Today I want you to meet Theresa - owner of

She's from Arizona and selling her handmade items on Etsy since 2011. Theresa is one from key members of Handmade Movement Team - I hope this is not only my opinion :)

What she's writing about herself on her Etsy profile?

'Quilting has become a passion for me not sure why but I love the coordinating of colors. (...) I am a wife, mother & grandmother and have recently retired, now I get to do the things I really love quilting, crocheting and of course play a game of golf now and then...'

If you want to know more about what Theresa wrote about herself go:

You an find lots of interesting things in her shop: quilts, baby things, potholders, scarves, vintage jewellery etc. Something for everyone I can say :)

My faves from her shop?

Look at these:

I decided stop here with adding pics from Theresa shop, cause I want you to check what more she has there :) Believe me or not - you can find lots of nice things :)

Personally - Theresa is friendly Lady, great cheat chatter and very hard working woman. I think she needs nice long holiday :) In some nice place :)


  1. Great blog post Monika! I agree with you about Theresa...I have many of her pieces and she is very talented and very meticulous in her work.

  2. Oh Monika I don't know how to thank you for this wonderful write up!! I am blushing. Thank you so very much!!

  3. I'm writing what I'm thinking Ladies, so.... You should not blush Theresa, cause looks like what I wrote is not only my opinion :)

  4. A very talented member of our team, so creative. I love all of her work and have lots of it I've purchased over the years.

  5. Wonderful post about Theresa, Monika, and you made great choices from her shop to picture here!

  6. Thanks Matthew :) Just choose few of my faves :)